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what is this place?

the internet is a jungle. the noises, the colors, the lights, the diversity - it's easy to get lost here; the biggest trees and vines will dominate, and others which are left alone will wither and disappear.


for over 10 years boston cheese cellar existed as a full service cheese and fine foods shop in boston, massachusetts. from 2015 to 2020, the shop was run by Adam Shutes (me), and was a focal point of the roslindale community, with community events, sponsorship and local activism. but, time waits for no man, and in early 2020, and being unable to find someone who would give themselves to the business and the herculean efforts required, the shop & business closed its doors.

after the shop closed, I planned to mingle my recent vocation and one of my favorite pastimes, by riding a bicycle from Rome in Italy, to Zurich in Switzerland, during the summer of 2020. however, covid-19 and the bungling of its containment by both the chinese and american governments put a stop to that. after waiting our half of the summer, so that nearby states would again allow travel, I scaled back my aims, and started to tour in Vermont, and other states. Stopping in to cheesemakers on the way, seeing new sites, and sharing the knowledge gained with anyone who's interested.

this is the area of the jungle, where there is a pool of clean water, a break in the humidity, and a place to stop for a while without worry.

I grew up in and around london, uk, and remember my trips to covent garden, on the bus from north finchley, down to neal's yard dairy, and rough trade records/slam city skates.


my journey into cheese was a circuitous one, which took me through a degree in biochemistry and molecular cell biology (Oxford), a PhD in the biochemical sciences and a successful career drug discovery. because of this background, I have a knack for understanding the science behind cheesemaking (and other fermented foods) and an ability to break it down for anyone who would listen into easily understandable language.

This web site may be a remnant from retail, but I hope my explorations into new places and knowledge will keep it fresh.


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