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cheesemaking & affinage

For those who want to take their cheesemaking to the next level, come and learn how to make our Boston Cheese Cellar Three Month Cheddar.


This class will be highly participatory, as you will be making the cheddar with your own hands. It is therefore limited to only 6 participants.


The initial 5 hour session will be the main body of work, where we will transform the milk, set and make the cheese. In the subsequent days, shorter tasks will be performed, such as cloth wrapping, flipping and washing the cheese, and ultimately we (and the rest of the public) will be able to watch your cheese age in our ageing environment until it is ready for you to take home.




In this course you will:


• Learn how to transform milk into curds and process the curds for pressing


• Press the curds into a form, and build your own press.


• Clothwrap the cheddar and perform affinage


• Have complete and ongoing access to our knowledge in the shop to help your future cheesemaking


• Understand the entire process from a logistical, practical, biochemical and microbial view point, and how each step contributes to making our cheese. You will be equipped for the future to repeat the making, and understand any changes that you may make and how they may affect the cheese.




Three Month Cheddar Plan:


Sunday. prepare milk with microbes, transform into curd; cut curd, drain, cheddar, mill, salt, press curd into form.


Monday. Remove cheese, and allow to air dry overnight.


Tuesday. Bandage wrap and move to visible ageing environment. Flipping will continue daily afterwards.


Sunday, 3 months later. Your aged Three Month Cheddar is ready to go home!




Please note, dates are set, but times may vary. Presence on Sunday is required. The tasks on Monday & Tuesday are optional though highly encouraged.


The classes requires a minimum of 3 attendees, to be held. Refunds will be provided if this is not met. Cancellation of attendance 1 week before start of class will be a full cost of ticket, subsequent to that date, 50% of ticket price will be refunded.

If you have any questions on this event, please contact Boston Cheese Cellar to discuss!

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