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cheese making classes

making your own cheese at home is not difficult, but can be intimidating to start.


come to one of our cheese making classes at boston cheese cellar, and learn the tips and tricks to of the different cheese types, to  empower you to repeat the experience at home.


these classes are hands on — you will be making the cheese!

we offer three different classes:


  • cheesemaking first steps: to learn the basics of what it takes to transform milk to cheese, and to understand the factors which will effect the final product

  • mozzarella making: to learn and perform the processes of making mozzarella from milk, including the setting, stretching and finishing

  • three-month cheddar: a 4-5 hour deep dive into the extended methods of treating the curd to make a drier harder cheese, including an appreciation of ageing, where you will be able to observe your cheese again under cloth, right in the shop


the classes are run by adam, the owner of boston cheese cellar, who holds an MA from Oxford University and a PhD  from University College London in protein biochemistry and molecular biology. He is one of the leading voices in cheesemaking science and education in the Boston and New England area.


with his experience is uniquely placed to help you understand the cheesemaking process from molecules to finished product.

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