7 Feb 2019

You have most likely eaten, and perhaps even crave for, cheese with ‘a crunch’. Cheeses such as Goudas, Parmesan, and Cheddars have perceptible crystals, either inside their body or on their outside surface. This blog entry is all about these crystals: what, how and wh...

10 Aug 2018

In this post read about the effects of maintaining a healthy microbiome, and understand how cheese and dairy can help.

26 Apr 2018

Way out in northwest Massachusetts, you will find Cricket Creek Farm. It's at the end of long dirt road, which itself is at the end of a long, seemingly endless river of tarmac spewing out from the city of Boston. It may be a long drive, but the beauty of the countrysi...

9 Apr 2018

What is Lactose and what is Lactase?

All mammals are weaned on their mother's milk, which provides for them easily digestible and adsorbable nutrients (protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, minerals). Different species of mammals have different amounts of these nutrients in th...

22 Feb 2018

Working behind a cheese counter, we talk to our customers about the impact dairy products can have on health, be it as an important way to enrich and maintain your gut microbiome, or to help our customers understand the various issues with milk and cheese, such as milk...

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