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St David's Day Celebration: Cheese from Wales


Celebrate St David's Day a couple of days early with us as we have a tasting with cheese from Wales.


Wales is not just a country steeped in Celtic culture, rugby, and the most stunning scenery in Great Britain. It is also home to some great traditional cheeses. Come say 'noswaith dda' to some Welsh cheese, and toast the St David - creator of the rolling hills of Cymru. Featured cheeses: Perl Las, Caerphilly, Harlech, Colliers Welsh Cheddar


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Cheese & Beer Pairing


Our cheese and beer evenings feature 4 different cheeses paired with four interesting beers from the USA and around the world. We work with our local craft beer experts at the Craft Beer Cellar: Roslindale, to find the perfect beer match for the perfect cheese.

Complimentary hors d'oeuvres, crackers and bread etc. are served.

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Cheese Pairing: Cheese 'n' Cider

Boston Cheese Cellar and the owner of the new Craft Beer Cellar: Roslindale, get together again to jointly pair cheese and hard cider. It's that time of year, as apples come into focus in our minds, and we prepare for Autumn and the Harvest.

  • Artifact Cider Project "Roxbury", from Roxbury MA.

  • Fanjul "Sidra Natural", from Spain.

  • Bantam "Rojo", from Somerville, MA.

  • Downeast Cider's "Original" Blend, from Boston, MA.

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Cheese & Whiskey Pairing


Join us for an evening where we explore pairings between the unlikely partners of cheese and whiskey.


In addition to the usual hors d'oeuvres, and good company, we will pair four different whiskeys with different cheese which will help each other's flavours shine.


Egan's Single Malt Irish.

South Boston Irish.

Angel's Envy.

McClellands Scotch.




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The Cheese Course: What is Cheese?

In this session we will explore the process and transformation of milk into cheese, in both practice and in theory.

To do this, we will make different types of fresh cheese, and as we do so we will we sip complementary wine, and answer questions such as:


• What are the components of milk? 

            • Why are they special?

• What happens to milk to make cheese? 

            • How does this happen?

• Whey? Curds? Rennet? pH? What are they?


The session is not deisgned to be a lecture, rather a fun, interactive, hands-on session with other similarly cheese-minded folks.


It's the Chemistry practical you always wanted!

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The Language of Cheese: A Wine Pairing and Sensory Experience

There are many different types of cheese available at your local cheese shop today, and they all have a different character, in flavor, aroma and texture. Not only that, but we all have different preferences and tastes for cheese. So, how do we communicate what we like? How do the terms cheesemongers use relate to the characters of the cheese?

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