Cendré de Charlevoix

Description: In our search for a cheese which resembles the classic French Morbier, and is available in the USA, we have finally found a cheese which makes us happy.


The Cendré de Charlevoix comes from Quebec, and is made from unpastuerised cow's milk - and of course includes the line of ash running through the middle.


It is creamy, tangy, melts in the mouth and has a final touch of saltiness, which is incredibly delicious. Definitely one worth trying, and such a great addition to any cheese course, not just because of the striking looks, but for the outstanding taste.


Made with unpasteurized cow's milk, using traditional rennet.


All our cheese are cut and wrapped on demand in 0.5 lb increments. We wrap them carefully in our double lined cheese paper, which allows the cheese to breathe. If the cheese stays wrapped tightly in your home refrigerator, it will provide a lifetime of a couple of weeks after arrival.


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