Comté, Marcel Petit 18 month

Description. Comté is one of the most classic of French cheeses.

Comté is made in the Jura Mountains from the milk of Montbéliarde and French Simmental cows during spring to autumn. Small groups of dairies give their milk to one of the 150 cheesemaking facilities, and after manufacture, the 80 lb wheels are then passed to one of the 16 affineurs, where the wheels are aged on spruce boards until perfection is reached.

Marcel Petit is one of these premier affineurs, and represents a five-generation family of ageing knowledge. One of their secrets is the old military fort of St. Antoine which is actually buried underground, deep in a forest in the Haut Doubs region, and is the perfect faility for ageing Comté: an ideal temperature, an ideal humidity, and in ideal location.

Our Comté Excellence from Marcel Petit is aged for 18 months in St. Antoine, and represents just how Comté should be: savory, nutty, buttered toast, smooth, rich and grassy.

We love introducing our customers to Comté in the shop - the transformation of faces into a Comté-smile is just fantastic to see.

Try this Comté, and you will see what we mean!


Price per 0.5 lb.


All of our cheeses are cut and wrapped on order in 0.5 lb increments. We wrap them carefully in our double-lined cheese paper, which allows the cheese to breathe. If the cheese stays in your home refrigerator, wrapped tightly, this paper will provide a lifetime of a couple of weeks after arrival of your cheese.