Oveja Negra Raw Milk Manchego

Description: The Oveja Negra Manchego is handmade by brothers Javier, Luis and Francisco Parra, from their herd of 3,000 heritage-breed Oveja Negra Manchega sheep.These 'Black Manchega Sheep' were all but extinct in the 2000's, but thanks to the hard work from the Parra family and a few other cheesemakers, the breed has recovered.


These sheep were the first Manchega to be used to make Manchego, because they have a superior milk (the fat and protein content).


The Oveja Negra Manchego is aged for at least 4 months, and because of the quality milk, has a creamy mouthfeel, with a crumbly texture which beliefs its youthfulness.There is also a sweetness, a slight crunch of crystals, and the typical, yet mild, zip characteristic of sheep milk cheese, and Manchego in particular.


Price is per 0.5 lb.


All our cheese are cut and wrapped on demand in 0.5 lb increments. We wrap them carefully in our double lined cheese paper, which allows the cheese to breathe. If the cheese stays wrapped tightly in your home refrigerator, it will provide a lifetime of a couple of weeks after arrival.


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