Sandwich Platters

Every morning, we make a selection of fresh sandwiches, using a fresh delivery of Iggy's Bread, from Cambridge, MA.


We are able to use our sandwich menu to create for you a brilliant sandiwch platter for a party, meeting or picnic. To ensure that we have enough fresh bread for your platter, we do ask for 36 hours advance notice for any platter requests.


We will create a sandwich platter containing freshly baked ciabatta rolls, cut into bite-size pieces loaded with fresh greens, and a selection of meats, cheese & condiments from the shop including, taken from the following.


Please give 36 hours notice for order. Shop Pick-up or Metro-Boston Delivery only (included.)


Sandwich examples (all on a bed of fresh greens):

  • organic roman artichokes, covered with slices of prosciutto di parma, pecorino romano cheese, olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar
  • juicy and tender prosciutto cotto, generously covered with english cheddar and wozz! triple ale chutney
  • oven-roasted turkey, covered in swiss emmenthal and crunchy cornichons
  • mouth-watering lightly spiced dried fruit chicken salad, with fresh goat cheese
  • slices of french jambon de bayonne, with chunks of french brie and cornichons, all served on a crusty french baguette
  • juicy italian roasted red peppers, thick slices of porky and salty jamon serrano, topped with slices of 1 year aged manchego 
  • generous slices of imported italian salami, topped with aged provolone, italian semi-dry tomatoes, and kalamata olive spread
  • oven-roasted turkey topped by generous slices of french brie, and a sweet and delicious cranberry jam topping


Vegetarian Options

  • sliced, freshly made mozzarella and italian semi-dried tomato in olive oil 
  • a spread of fresh vermont goat cheese, topped with cooked tender beets, crushed spanish marcona almonds and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar
    Platter Size
    Wrap & tied