Sbrinz 3 Year Alpage

Description: One of the oldest cheeses stil made in the same way today. Sbrinz is the forerunner to Parmigiano, but has much more character, and is lusted after in foodie-circles, as it's just so hard to find outside of Switzerland!


It's golden yellow in color (the cows on the Alp only eat fresh grass) and the very hard, granular texture encases a grassy, rich and milky taste.  Best eaten by breaking into 'golden nuggets' of pure joy.


Our Sbrinz is made by Andreas (Rez) Gut, up on his Alp just south of Stanz in central Switzerland, and is curated by Rolf Beeler, to assure the absolute best quality.


Andreas is tied to the mountains - not only does he live there all year, but every evening he sings an Alp hymn to the mountain valley below, and yodels while he cleans his cheesemaking room. This is a true Swiss lifestyle and a true Swiss cheese.


Price is per 0.5 lb.


All our cheese are cut and wrapped on demand in 0.5 lb increments. We wrap them carefully in our double lined cheese paper, which allows the cheese to breathe. If the cheese stays wrapped tightly in your home refrigerator, it will provide a lifetime of a couple of weeks after arrival.