Vacherin Mont d'Or

Description: The Vacherin/Petite Vacherin is produced from the milk of cows on the Jura mountains, including the Mont d'Or, on the border of Switzerland and France.


What makes the Vacherin special, is that only the milk from the cows in the winter (eating hay and fodder) is used to make the cheese - the summer's milk is used to make Gruyère.


Bounded by spruce bark, which adds a a woddsy tang to the egde of the cheese, the way to enjoy Vacherin, is to place it inside an overn at 350F for 5 mins. Then peel off the thick orange rind on the top, and start using a spoon or bread, to scoop out the thick, creamy, molten gooey centre.


Spectacular. Seasonal. Best shared with family and friends!


Vacherin is sold by the piece - a whole wheel is approximately 0.8 lb in weight. The cheese is made from thermised milk, which is not regonised by the FDA as a pasteurisation process, and therefore should be treated as a 'raw milk' cheese. Because of this thermisation, this cheese is named Petite Vacherin rather than the protected name, Vacherin Mont d'Or.


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