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The Right Choice of a Mentor for Writing Candidate and Doctoral Dissertations

Continuing education has long been no longer a whim, but a way to be competitive, which is why it is so important for representatives of some professions to obtain a Ph.D., a doctoral degree. In this case, the most important role is assigned to the mentor, who will help to properly organize the work on the study, arrange it properly, and present it favorably at the defense.

On the appointment of a supervisor

A supervisor is appointed as a mentor to a young scientist in order to provide him with timely qualified assistance in writing a dissertation. If an applicant for a scientific degree completes a postgraduate course full-time or in absentia, he is attached to the graduating department. A mentor for him is appointed by order of the rector.

The future candidate of sciences, even if he is not a university student, but already has the required number of printed works published in authoritative publications, has a supervisor should be too. To do this, needs to officially declare his desire. Based on the application, he is assigned to one of the departments of the university. This is done so that the applicant for a degree can complete the dissertation and successfully defend it . The supervisor is also appointed by the rector's office by order.

Who is eligible to be a supervisor?

There are 2 serious requirements for the mentor of the future candidate of sciences. He must have:

  • a doctoral degree (may be a professor) in the field of study to which the research relates;

  • scientific publications related to the subject of the dissertation work.

The supervisor should not only be listed as a mentor, but should perform the following duties. To help to correctly substantiate the relevance of the topic, its novelty and practical (theoretical) significance. Together with the ward, plan the main stages that the dissertation student must follow in order to realize the goals and objectives of the study.

Conduct the necessary consultations and carry out intermediate control of the process of writing a research paper. Provide psychological support, accompany, motivate your student. Supervise the course of pre-defense training in terms of finalizing the text of the abstract, dissertation, etc. A supervisor is a person who determines how successful the defense will be. That is why it is so important that the curator be a true professional, demanding, but patient, ready to provide the necessary qualified assistance in matters that concern the dissertation student.

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