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Working with a child at home is also not easy, especially when it comes to studying!

Kinga emphasizes at the beginning of our conversation that she really considers herself lucky to work in an office, so since March she has been working from home, taking care of her little girl, preparing for the fall. Preparing her child for the learning process, writing various papers. All this to the child, so that the emu is not too scared, it is necessary to explain to the em that there is an author of the essay (Bid for writing) which can insure you and your child. - Luckily, we were able to arrange with the teacher's parents and aunt to have classes in the afternoon, because parents work in the morning and as young children they still need to be around during online learning, they have to help them find task in the workbook they are currently working on. I consider myself lucky compared to parents who come to work at 8 am and leave at 4-5 pm and then go to online classes, or have more children in the family who need help with learning, plus if paper helper, which, if anything, can insure you and your child. In any case, I feel that this situation is much more exhausting for the parents. Working with a small child from home is not easy, as he often interrupts either because he needs something or because he asks for help, say, in writing an essay. He can sometimes say "correct my essay because I can't understand what the problem is". So it takes me a lot more time to do my job, and he also has a hard time doing himself all morning. He constantly voices that he is bored, why we don’t walk, why we don’t communicate. There is constant debate about letting me watch the story on TV for a while. We have been meeting with grandparents on the street only since September, we are very afraid that we will not get sick. At noon, after work, I start to cook, have lunch, and then start preparing for online classes, because in such conditions the teacher does not have the opportunity to work out the tasks thoroughly with the children, so it's up to the parents. . After the online classes expire, slowly at 19:00, the day ends. And in the morning everything starts all over again, ”the mother outlined their everyday life.

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