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Studying languages: What is your learning style?

In order to study a foreign language, you need to know your learning style. The best language method for you to study and learn a foreign language is the method that matches with your learning style. You need to figure out, then use all the potential of your brain to reach your goal.

According to websites that help with homework flash cards, colorful and pleasant pictures, videos etc. are good for visual learners. Try to associate an image when you are learning, it will be easier for you to memorize.

Auditory learners are good with their ears: tapes, spoken words, class etc. are great for them.

Are you a musical learner? I have a friend who learned English by listening and memorizing songs in English, after then he went to a family in England for an immersion to perfect the language. He was verbally fluent before his immersion. I was so impressed by the results with the music , I tried to duplicate but I failed!

I am a verbal learner: I learn and memorize by talking, reading, repeating and writing ... I write what I learn, and I learn when I write.

You need to use homework answers free to find YOUR own method, to make it easier for you to remember. You don't have to follow the crowd. If a method works for Joe, that doesn't mean that it will work for Suzie. You need to figure out your OWN learning style and use your brain for your own benefits.

What jobs could i get if i study languages?

besides translation and teaching.... if i study japanese and or russian mcdonalds.....? um....

I want to study languages as my math homework help major; what exactly would be the name of that major!? I want to study Sign Language, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Portugese, French, etc I want to work maybe as an interpreter or at least make my chances of finding a good job even better than just being fluent in both Spanish and English

What kind of careers/jobs are available to people to study languages in futher education?

I'm a 4th year Standard Grade student and I really have no idea what career i would like to pursue when i leave school. I've always loved languages but i have no idea what people who study languages eventually end up doing Also wondering if taking on two languages excluding English at Higher is a good idea? Would it be possible to take on a new language in 5th year that i have no experience with as well as doing a higher in a language i already have an int 2 qualification in?

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