Trip to the Swiss Alps: Prologue

If you've been a customer, or even just a follower, of Boston Cheese Cellar, then you will probably remember last October, when we celebrated the arrival of our first cheese from our Adopted Alp, near Fribourg: Alp Steniers Hohberg.

There was singing, there was accordion playing, there were even some traditional Swiss hats. If you missed it, watch the video for an idea of the fun that was had.

At Boston Cheese Cellar, yes we have cheese that we want you to enjoy, but we have believed from Day One, that cheese is a chance of education.

Where is it from? Why is it like that? What does it take to make it?

Adopting our Alp, gave us an opportunity to help our customers to understand true Alpine cheese.

This is not 'Swiss' that you find at your local supermarket, but the cheese made on the actual Alp itself. In small huts, or cooperative endeavours.

Our Alp gave us a chance to educate and entertain.

Luckily for us, our customers really loved this — and so did the Swiss company who helps us bring in our Alp's cheese.

As a result, we were given the chance to travel with them through the Swiss Alps for one week, starting on the 13th June.

Adam, the owner of Boston Cheese Cellar, will be using this blog to report on the beauty, culture and food of the Alps.

Stay tuned!